The Ant and the Grasshopper

The Ant and the Grasshopper

Version 1

Once there was an ant and a grasshopper. The ant worked very hard. He worked and worked all day. He made a lovely house. Every day, the ant would go out and look for bread or food. Every time he got a piece of food, he would eat just a little, then save the rest for winter.


The grasshopper on the other hand, was very lazy. The grasshopper liked to sing and relax all every day. He didn’t try to save food. The grasshopper just sang and played his violin. He relaxed in the sun.


One day the grasshopper shouted to the ant, “Come and sing and dance with me! It will be fun!”

Unfortunately, I don’t have time”, answered the Ant, “I must work hard, so that I have enough food for the winter.”

Stop worrying so much, there is lots of time to prepare for winter. Let’s sing and dance together! Let’s laugh and enjoy life!”

But ant was wise and ignored the grasshopper.


Then autumn came. The leaves were falling and the ant worked even harder to gather food before there was no more.

“Save your food,” warned the ant. But the grasshopper was lazy and didn’t do any work. “Build a house, grasshopper! Winter is coming!” said the ant. But again, the grasshopper ignored the ant. He just relaxed and played music in the autumn sun.

Then the days grew cold. The sun was not strong anymore. The grasshopper needed a house to protect him from the winter.

He knocked on the ant’s door. “Please let me stay in your house for winter.”

“What were you doing all summer and autumn?”

“Playing music and relaxing in the sun.”

“No, you cannot come in. You should have made a house.”

“Please give me some food at least,” said the grasshopper.

“No, you should have looked for food.”

The grasshopper left the ant’s house. He had no food and no house for the winter.


Version 2

One summer, all the little ants were working hard. They were gathering food and building houses so that they would be safe during the winter. They were so busy. It was very hard work and they sweated in the hot sun.


The grasshoppers were working hard, too, but the ants had to work harder. One grasshopper saw the ants running around looking for food and carrying things on their little backs. They looked tired. “Poor ants!”, he thought. He had an idea. This grasshopper loved to sing and play the violin. He went home and got his violin. Then he went back to the fields and started playing a tune. It was a cheerful melody. He started singing and dancing. All the ants could hear his music. It cheered them up and they continued working.


All summer, the grasshopper played his violin, sang songs and danced around. The ants enjoyed the music and worked even harder. Sometimes, the grasshopper shouted to the ants: “Take a break! Come and sing and dance with me!”

“We’d like to, but we have to work now, or we will die during the winter”, answered the leader of the ants.


Then autumn came. The leaves on the trees changed colour to beautiful reds and yellows and then started to fall from the branches. It became cold.

“Quick, we don’t have much more time”, said the leader of the ants to all the other little ants. “We need to work even harder to be safe during the winter.”

The grasshopper heard him and carried on playing, singing and dancing. He never stopped.


Finally, winter came. Snow fell and stuck on the ground. All the ants were safe inside the little houses they had built during the summer and autumn. The grasshopper, however, didn’t have a house to go to. He was cold and he had no food to eat, either. He went to the house where the leader of the ants lived with his family and knocked on the door.

“Grasshopper!” said the ant.

“I’m sorry to trouble you, but I have nowhere to go and no food to eat.”

Well, come in! We have plenty of food! Thanks to your singing and playing, we could work even harder this year. You really encouraged us!”

And so, the grasshopper could survive the winter.