Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She was 10 years old. She was little, but she was adventurous. The little girl loved walking in the forest. She walked and walked, exploring the forest. When she went for walks, she always wore a red cape – a red riding hood. Her grandmother made it for her. Grandmother called her “Little Red Riding Hood.” She loved her granddaughter very much. Little Red Riding Hood loved Grandmother, too.

One day, her mother said, “Little Red Riding Hood, this soup is for Grandmother. She is all alone. Go to Grandmother with the soup! She will be happy to see you.” Grandmother lived alone in the forest. She was alway happy to see Little Red Riding Hood. “Yes, Mother. I will go to Grandmother’s house,” said the little girl. “I love going to Grandmother’s.” “Be careful!” said Mother. “There are dangerous animals in the forest!” “Yes, Mother. I will be careful,” said Little Red Riding Hood. “I love you. Bye!” Quickly, Little Red Riding Hood left with her mother’s soup and started her long walk to her grandmother’s house. When the little girl passed a village, a man saw her. She was all alone.

“Where are you going, Little Red Riding Hood?” asked the man. “I am going to Grandmother’s with some soup. It’s delicious!” she replied. “Ah, but the forest is dangerous,” said the man. “Be careful!”

Little Red Riding Hood repeated the promise she made to her mother. “Yes, I will be careful!” Then the girl said goodbye to the man and continued her long walk. Finally, the little girl arrived at the forest. The forest was very big. Little Red Riding Hood was all alone, and she was anxious.

In the forest, there lived a dangerous animal. It was a terrible wolf. He was big, and he had long teeth. The wolf was walking through the forest and he smelled something. He said to himself, “What is that smell? Soup?” He was very curious. The wolf followed the delicious smell. At that moment, he saw Little Red Riding Hood. “Ah, but this girl will be more delicious than soup!” he thought. But the wolf did not eat the girl. The wolf was very intelligent. He said to himself ,“The girl has a family. I will eat her and her family, too.”

Thinking about this, the big wolf smiled. He had long teeth. He was terrifying! The girl saw him and was very anxious. But he pretended to be friendly. He stood there quietly and said, “Little girl, where are you going?” He spoke very calmly. Little Red Riding Hood thought he was not dangerous and came closer. “My name is Little Red Riding Hood,” she said. “I am going to my Grandmother’s.” “You are going to your Grandmother’s?” asked the wolf. “Yes, she lives alone. She will be happy to see me,” said the little girl. “She lives alone in the forest?” said the wolf. He had a terrible idea. “Where does your grandmother live?” “Grandmother’s house is over there,” said the little girl. She told the wolf where Grandmother’s house was. “I see…” he said and smiled.

“Be careful, little girl,” he told her. It is dangerous. I am friendly, but there are terrible animals in the forest.” “Thank you. I will be careful,” said the little girl. Then they said goodbye and the wolf ran back into the forest.

The girl walked on through the forest. “That wolf was friendly,” she thought. “See, the forest animals are not dangerous.” She was happy as she walked on. But the wolf ran quickly. He was faster, and he was soon far ahead of the little girl. He went where the girl told him to go. There was a little house there. It was Grandmother’s house.

Grandmother’s house was all alone in the forest. The terrible wolf was very happy when he arrived. Quickly, he knocked at the door.

After a while, Grandmother came to the door. She thought that it was Little Red Riding Hood and she said, “My dear, is that you?” The terrible wolf said, “Yes, it is me, Little Red Riding Hood.” Grandmother adored the girl and she opened the door quickly. But then she saw the terrible wolf! She screamed in terror, but it was too late. The wolf attacked grandmother. He ate her whole. The wolf was very happy and he said to himself, “Ha Ha! That old lady was stupid! She even opened the door for me.”

After eating Grandmother, the wolf had a big stomach. He relaxed in Grandmother’s bed. Then, he made a plan. The wolf disguised himself. He put on Grandmother’s cap and pajamas. He had a terrible plan – he was going to eat Little Red Riding Hood!

Ten minutes later, Little Red Riding Hood finally arrived at Grandmother’s house. She was very happy. Little Red Riding Hood loved Grandmother. She knocked at the door. The wolf said “Come in!” but he did not say it like Grandmother

Little Red Riding Hood saw that Grandmother looked a little different. She said, “Grandmother, is that you?” The terrible wolf said, “Yes, it is me, your Grandmother. Come closer.” The little girl was anxious, but she got closer. “Grandmother, your eyes are very big!” said the girl. “My eyes are big? All the better to see you! Come closer,” said the wolf. The girl got closer. Then, she saw Grandmother’s nose. “Grandmother!” she cried. “Your nose is big!” “My nose is big? Oh, yes, all the better to smell your soup! Come closer,” said the wolf. The little girl got very close to the wolf. She said, “Oh, Grandmother! Your teeth are very big!” The wolf said, “My teeth are big? Yes, all the better to EAT YOU!”

Little Red Riding Hood was terrified. The wolf was wearing Grandmother’s cap and pajamas. She cried, “No! You ate Grandmother!” “Yes, and I am going to eat you!” said the terrible wolf. At that moment, a man was passing the house. It was the man from the village. He heard the terrible cries. The man said to himself, “That is Little Red Riding Hood. She is in danger!” Quickly, the man arrived at Grandmother’s house. He walked in the door. There, he saw the terrible wolf. Little Red Riding Hood saw the man and cried, “The wolf! He’s going to eat me!” Immediately, the man got an axe. He raised the axe and hit the wolf. Finally, the terrible wolf was dead. But the little girl was still terrified. “Grandmother!” she cried. “Grandmother is in the wolf’s stomach.”

Again, the man got his axe. Quickly, he freed Grandmother from the wolf’s stomach. Grandmother was shocked. She thanked the man. Then Little Red Riding Hood hugged her. “Grandmother, I love you!” she said. “I brought you some soup!” Grandmother hugged Little Red Riding Hood and said, “Thank you! I love you, too.”

“You cannot go through the forest alone,” said the man from the village. The kind man walked with Little Red Riding Hood back home. When they arrived at her home, Little Red Riding Hood’s mother was so happy. They both hugged each other and said “I love you.” And the little girl lived happily ever after.