Zeus Versus Chronos

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Zeus Versus Chronos

A Greek myth

Once there was a greek god named Chronos.  He was the god of time.  He was always scared about the future.  The future generation scared Chronos.

Chronos’s wife was Rhea.  She was having a baby.  Chronos did not want a baby.  He did not want a baby to be stronger than him.   Chronos suspected that a baby would grow up and one day attack him.

Rhea’s first baby was a boy. His name was Poseidon.  Rhea presented Poseidon to Chronos.  Chronos took the baby from Rhea.  Immediately, he ate the little baby.  Rhea was horrified.

Soon, Rhea had another baby.  The second baby’s name was Hades.  Again, she presented the baby to Chronos.  Again, Chronos ate the baby.  Rhea had three more babies: Poseidon, Hestia, and Hera.  As soon as Chronos saw the babies, he ate them.

Finally, Rhea had one more baby: Zeus. Rhea was scared for her baby. This time, she had a plan. She hid the baby in a cave.  Then, Rhea put a rock in a blanket.  She presented the rock to Chronos and said, “Here is our baby.”  Chronos ate the baby, but it was not a baby.  It was only a rock.

Chronos was furious. “You hid the baby!  Where?” said Chronos with rage.  Rhea said, “I hid the baby because you are cruel.  One day, he will attack you. One day, you will pay!”  

Time passed and Zeus grew strong.  Zeus was stronger than Chronos. Rhea had a plan. Rhea said to Zeus, “You are strong.  It is time to attack Chronos. He must pay.”  Rhea presented Zeus with a potion. “Go to Chronos.  Force him to drink this potion.  The potion will force him to vomit.  Then, I will have my babies back.”  

Quickly, Zeus attacked Chronos.  He was stronger and he made Chronos his prisoner.  He forced Chronos to drink the potion.  This potion made Chronos vomit.  The babies in his stomach were vomited up.  Demeter, Hades, Poseidon, Hestia, and Hera were all free! Rhea held her babies finally.

All the family respected Zeus.  He was a hero.  Zeus said to his family, “We will leave Chronos, and go where there is no time.  We will live on Mount Olympus and we will never die.”  Zeus and his family of gods stayed on Mount Olympus for eternity.