Uncle Rabbit and Uncle Tiger

English’s Docs Beginner Uncle Rabbit and Uncle Tiger

Uncle Rabbit and Uncle Tiger

A fable from Venezuela


Once upon a time there was a rabbit named Tío Conejo, or Uncle Rabbit.

Uncle Rabbit lived in Venezuela. He lived near the Andes.  Nearby, there were many rocky hills.

One day Uncle Rabbit was out walking. The happy rabbit walked up a calm, tranquil hill.

But a ferocious tiger was nearby. The tiger was named Tío Tigre, or Uncle Tiger.

Uncle Tiger was very hungry. He wanted to eat Uncle Rabbit.

Uncle Tiger said, “Look! A delicious rabbit! I will eat you!”  The tiger prepared to attack the rabbit.

Uncle Rabbit trembled. His heart beat rapidly. He was terrified!  He panicked and said, “Uncle Tiger! I’m just a pathetic little rabbit.  I’m not very big. You do not want to eat me.”

“No, you look delicious,” said Uncle Tiger. “And I am very hungry.”

Uncle Rabbit looked for help. Suddenly, he saw big rocks. Then, he had an idea.  He said, “Look up the hill. See the cows? The cows are very big. You want to eat those cows, not me.”  Uncle Rabbit pointed to the cows and said “Look!”

Uncle Tiger looked up the hill. There were cows. They were very big.

Uncle Tiger said, “The cows look delicious.”  Uncle Tiger preferred a big cow, and not a little rabbit.  He prepared to walk up the hill.

“No, you relax,” said Uncle Rabbit. “I can walk up the hill. You open your arms. Then, I will throw you a cow.”

Uncle Tiger was not very intelligent. He relaxed while Uncle Rabbit walked up the hill.

Up the hill, Uncle Rabbit walked up to the rocks. Then, he said, “Uncle Tiger, open your arms! Here comes a delicious cow!”

Down the hill, Uncle Tiger opened his arms.

Uncle Rabbit pushed a very big rock. The rock was very big and difficult to push. But Uncle Rabbit was desperate. He pushed and pushed.

Uncle Tiger was at the foot of the hill with his arms open. He imagined his big, delicious cow.  Uncle Tiger was so hungry and so excited, he did not see the big rock.

BOOM! The big rock hit Uncle Tiger. That was the end of Uncle Tiger.

Uncle Rabbit walked away happily.