Two Goats: An Aesop Fable

English’s Docs Beginner Two Goats: An Aesop Fable

Two Goats
A Fable by Aesop

Once there were two goats. The goats were friends. They played joyfully in the sun. The goats lived in the mountains. One day, the two goats walked up to a fallen tree. The tree fell and made a bridge- connecting two mountains. But the tree was not safe. The tree was small. Even a baby goat could not walk on it safely, but the two goats were large goats.

The goats saw that the tree was too small for two large goats, but they did not take turns.

“I am not scared. I will walk on the tree first,” said one goat. The other goat wanted to be first and said, “No, stay on your side. I will walk on the tree first!” But they both wanted to walk first. One goat set her foot on the tree. The second goat did, too.
The tree held two goats. It trembled from the heavy goats. CREEAAKK! The tree creaked loudly. The goats were nervous, but they did not stop.

In the middle, the two goats met face to face. “Move! You are blocking the way,” said one. “No, you are in the way!” Shouted the other. They were busy yelling when they heard CRAACCKK! The tree cracked. Down the goats fell with the tree.