The Wolf

English’s Docs Beginner The Wolf

The Wolf
Adapted from Guy de Maupassant


A long time ago… two brothers lived in a great castle. Their names were Jean and Francois. were expert hunters. They loved to hunt.

One day, people went to the castle. They said, “Sirs, please help! Our village was in danger. There is a terrible wolf. It attacks the animals…and even people! Please hunt the terrible wolf!”

Jean and Francois accepted. They went to help stop the wolf.

Day after day, the brothers hunted the wolf.
Night after night, the wolf attacked. Jean and Francois could not stop it.
Francois said, “It’s impossible.”
“But Brother, we must stop the wolf!” said Jean.

One night, the wolf went to the brother’s castle. In the morning, two animals were dead!
“It followed us!” said Jean.
“It is hunting us!” cried Francois.
“We will not stop until it dies,” they promised.

That day, the brothers hunted nonstop. Night fell, but Jean and Francois continued on their horses. They do not eat. They do not sleep.
But it was impossible. There was no sign of the wolf.
“We must stop for the night. Our horses need water,” said Francois. At that moment, the wolf ran past.
“The wolf!” they cried. Immediately, they went off. The horses went very fast. Jean and Francois focused intensely on the wolf. Jean did not see a tree branch. “Jean, the tree!” cried Francois.
But it was too late. The tree hit Jean’s head. Jean fell dead on impact.
Francois went to his brother, but it was too late. “NO!” cried Francois. Francois embraced his brother. Then, he placed his brother’s corpse on his horse.
He went back to the castle crying “Brother, no! Not you!”
He focused only on his dead body. He did not see the wolf…until it was too late.

Francois was face to face with the enormous wolf. Francois trembled. He was furious. “For Jean!” cried Francois. He took the wolf by the neck, and SNAP! The wolf was dead. In his fury, he had snapped the wolf’s neck.

Francois never hunted again. His children never hunted. And their children for generations never hunted again.

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