The Ungrateful Son

English’s Docs Beginner The Ungrateful Son

The Ungrateful Son

Adapted from the Brother’s Grimm


Once there was a very ungrateful boy. He was disrespectful to his mom and dad.

One day, Dad was at work. Mom cooked a chicken. She wanted to surprise Dad when he came home. Mom put the chicken on the table. It smelled delicious.

“I want some chicken!” said the bad boy. But Mom said, “Wait five minutes and Dad will be home.”

Then, Mom went to relax.

But the boy wanted all the chicken immediately. He did not want to wait. He went to the table and took the chicken. The boy ate and ate. The minutes passed. Dad was coming home soon. The bad boy said, “Dad will be mad. I will hide the rest of the chicken.” He went to the cupboard. He opened the doors and he hid the chicken inside.

Then, Dad came home. He said,

“It smells like chicken. Where is the¬†chicken?”

Mom said, “The chicken is gone! It disappeared!”

“Where is the chicken?” asked Mom and Dad. They were furious.

Finally, the bad boy went to get the chicken. He went to the cupboard. He opened the doors and looked for the chicken. But there was no chicken. The chicken had magically transformed into a frog. Suddenly, the frog jumped onto the bad boy’s face.

The boy’s mom and dad pulled and pulled but they couldn’t pull off the magic frog.¬† The frog stayed on the ungrateful boy’s face forever.