The Two Giants of Carnac

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The Two Giants of Carnac

A tale from Brittany


Once upon a time there were two giants.

One giant said, “I am strong!”

The other giant said, “No, I’m strong!”

One giant had a rock. He threw the rock.  He said, “See! I am strong ! I can throw this rock.”

The other giant said, “No, it’s a small rock! Here is a big rock! I can throw a big rock.”  He had a big rock. He threw the big rock.

The other giant said, “No, that rock is pathetic. Here is a huge rock! I can throw a huge rock.”  The giant had a huge rock. He threw it. The giants continued throwing rocks.

There was a competition.  The giants threw 1,000 rocks! The rocks were huge.

In Carnac, today, there is still a line of huge rocks!