The Twelve Dancing Princesses – Beginner

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The Twelve Dancing Princesses

A Grimm’s Tale


Once there were 12 beautiful princesses. They had a secret. They danced all night. 


Every morning, the king said, “Wake up!” 

But the girls did not want to wake up. “You won’t wake up? Why not?” asked the king. 


The king was very curious. He said to the people, “Find out the princesses’s secret, and I will pay you a fortune!” 


Many people tried to find out the girls’ secret. But they could not find out the secret. 


One day, a man arrived. He said, “Majesty, I can find out the girl’s secret. I have a cloak. It makes me invisible.” 


The king was very happy. That night, he said “Goodnight, my girls.” Then, he locked the door. But the man was inside. He was invisible. 


“HA HA! Now, we can go!” said the girls. They had an invisible door. The girls went through the door.  They went to a dance at a magical castle. The invisible man went to the dance, too.


At the dance, there were 12 princes. They princesses danced and danced with the princes. The man with the cloak was happy, too. He saw the girls’ secret. 


The girls danced for a very long time. Then, the 12 princesses said “goodbye.” They went back through the invisible door. 


Finally, the man told the king what he saw. The king was very happy and gave the man a fortune! He gave him chests full of diamonds, rubies, and gold.