The Tempest

English’s Docs Intermediate The Tempest

The Tempest

Adapted from Shakespeare


Long ago, a good man named Prospero was King of Naples. Prospero was a compassionate leader. He loved the people of Naples. He loved his family, too. He loved his brother, Antonio. He loved his 3-year-old daughter, Miranda.

One terrible day, Prospero was the victim of a conspiracy. Antonio conspired to steal Prospero’s throne. He ordered that Prospero and Miranda be exiled from Naples. He ordered they be placed on a boat.

Prospero was devastated. His brother conspired against him!

Prospero and Miranda traveled a long distance. One night there was a storm. The boat was destroyed. Prospera and her daughter, Miranda, were shipwrecked on an island.

It was a deserted island. It had no civilization. There was only one person on the island: Ariel. She was not really a person, but a magical creature.  She was a fairy. She was cursed. She was supposed to be a servant.

Ariel served Prospero and Miranda. Thanks to Ariel, Prospero and Miranda survived. They lived on the island for 13 years.

Eventually, Miranda was 16 years old. She was very beautiful. But she was sad. She was alone. Prospero was not happy that Miranda was alone.

One day, there was a boat on the ocean. The boat passed near the island. Prospero ordered: “Ariel, go spy on the boat. “

Ariel obeyed. She spied on the boat. She saw 7 men on the boat. Antonio was on the boat. Prospero was furious! He wanted justice. He made a plan. He ordered, “Ariel, create a storm.”

Ariel obeyed. The storm was strong! The boat was destroyed.

Antonio arrived at the island. Antonio had stolen Prospero’s throne. He was the king. On the boat, he had 5 servants. He also had a son, Ferdinand.

Ferdinand was young and handsome! Prospero saw an opportunity for Miranda to find love! He did not want Miranda to be alone. He ordered, “Ariel, I want Miranda to fall in love with Ferdinand.”

Ariel obeyed. Instantly, Miranda and Ferdinand fell in love. Miranda and Ferdinand were inseparable. They were happy!

But Antonio had a problem. There was a conspiracy. The servants were going to murder King Antonio and Prince Ferdinand.  Miranda would be very sad.

Ariel spied and said, “Prospero, the servants are planning to kill Antonio and Ferdinand!”

Ferdinand was innocent, and Miranda would be devastated.  So Prospero took pity on Ferdinand and Antonio. He ordered, “Ariel, stop them!”

Ariel obeyed. She was a loyal servant. She stopped the assassination. Ferdinand and Antonio were saved!

Prospero made one final command. He said,  “Ariel, the boat is destroyed. Repair the boat.”

Ariel repaired the boat.  They could finally go to Naples! Prospero was free!  

Then, Prospero set Ariel free. “You are no longer a servant.  You are free,” said Prospero. She said, “Thank you, Prospero! You are generous and good!”  

Finally, Prospero prepared to return to Naples. Prospero pardoned his brother, Antonio. He was compassionate.  “Thank you, thank you! You are good and kind!” Antonio and Ferdinand exclaimed. There were loyal servants to King Prospero and Princess Miranda.

Miranda returned to Naples and married Ferdinand. They lived happily ever after.