The sweet porridge

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The Sweet Porridge

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She lived in a house with her mother. She was poor and had nothing to eat. One day she went into the forest and saw an old lady. The old lady told her: “Dear little girl, I have a gift for you: a magical pan. When you say, “Pan, cook!” the pan will cook. When you say, “Pan, stop!” the pan will stop.

The little girl went home very happy. From then on, she and her mom always had food to eat. A few days later, the mom was alone in the house. She was hungry. She said “Pan, cook!” and the pan cooked sweet porridge. After eating, the mom had forgotten how to stop the pan! So the pan cooked, cooked and cooked! It didn’t stop. There was porridge everywhere: in the house, in the streets, in the whole city.

The little girl came home and yelled: “Pan, stop!” And the pan stopped but from then on, when someone wants to enter the city, they have to eat their way through porridge.

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