The Stolen Feathers

English’s Docs Beginner The Stolen Feathers


The Stolen Feathers

An Aesop’s fable


Once upon a time there was a crow.  He was ugly. His feathers were black and ugly.  One day Crow cried, “Oh no! I am ugly. The peacock is beautiful, but I’m not.”  He was jealous.

Crow was jealous of Peacock’s beautiful feathers.  They were elegant and colorful.

Crow decided to steal the feathers.  Very silently, he went to Peacock.  Peacock was sleeping. Delicately, Crow stole one feather … then two feathers … then three feathers!

The crow said, “HA HA! This peacock is stupid. He will not even notice. ”

Soon Peacock woke up.  He was not stupid. He immediately noticed the stolen feathers. He panicked! He cried, “My feathers! My beautiful feathers were stolen!”

He looked for the animal who stole the feathers. It was not difficult.  Crow was strutting around with the feathers.

Peacock noticed Crow had the stolen feathers.  He cried, “Look, a criminal! Crow has my feathers!”

The other peacocks looked at Crow.  They cried, “The Crow has the stolen feathers! Attack him! ”

Immediately, a group formed. The peacocks attacked Crow.

Crow lost the beautiful feathers. He was very sad and ugly…and he still is today.