The Lovers of Teruel

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The Lovers of Teruel

A Legend from Spain

A long time ago, in the 1200’s, in the city of Teruel, Spain, there was a young woman named Isabel. Her family had a lot of money.

Isabel met a young man named Diego. Diego came from a very poor family, but Isabel didn’t care. Isabel and Diego fell in love. They wanted to get married. But when Isabel told her parents that she loved Diego and wanted to marry him, her parents said no. They said she was not allowed to marry him because he didn’t have enough money.

Isabel was very upset that her parents wouldn’t let her marry Diego. But Diego told Isabel, “Don’t worry. Wait for me for five years. I will work hard and earn lots of money. Then I will be rich, and your parents will let me marry you.”

Diego left the city of Teruel so he could find a better job. But he promised Isabel he would come back for her in five years.

Isabel waited and waited. Many men wanted to marry Isabel, but she refused. She wanted to wait for Diego. But five years passed, and Diego still hadn’t come back home. Isabel never heard from him. Isabel’s father wanted her to get married soon. So, finally, Isabel agreed to marry another man.

The very next day after Isabel got married, Diego returned. Now, he had a lot of money. He was excited to see Isabel again and to finally marry her. But when he heard that Isabel was already married to another man, he was devastated.

That night, Diego went to Isabel’s house. Isabel was inside her house with her new husband. Diego knocked on the door, and Isabel opened the door.

Diego said to Isabel, “Give me a kiss, my love!”

Isabel said, “No, I can’t kiss you. I’m married.”

Diego said, “Please give me a kiss. If you don’t kiss me, I’ll die!”

Isabel insisted that she couldn’t give him a kiss. And then, at that moment, Diego fell down and died right at Isabel’s feet.

A few days later, at Diego’s funeral, Isabel felt very bad because she hadn’t kissed Diego when he asked her to. She decided to kiss Diego now. She jumped up out of her seat in the church and ran to his dead body, and she gave him a kiss. She kissed him so hard and so passionately that she died.

Finally, Isabel’s parents understood the love between Isabel and Diego. They decided to bury the two bodies together, lying next to each other in the ground.