The Little Stone Bird

English’s Docs Beginner The Little Stone Bird

There once was a bird. She was a little bird, and she was very beautiful.

But, the little bird was different. She was different, because she was made of stone.

The little stone bird lived between two mountains, in a beautiful forest. In the forest, there were lots of flowers under the trees. There were red flowers and blue flowers, pink flowers and yellow flowers. The little bird loved the forest. She loved looking up at the trees. She loved looking at the flowers. Her favourite flower was the little white wood anemone.

But the little stone bird wasn’t happy. She was sad, because she wanted to fly. She wanted to fly with the other birds. She wanted to fly like a cloud. She wanted to look down on the beautiful forest with its beautiful trees and flowers.

But the little bird could not fly. She couldn’t fly because she was made of stone and stone can’t fly! Stone is too heavy to fly.

One day, there was a big problem in the forest. It was a disaster. There was a big fire. The forest was destroyed. All the trees were destroyed. There were no flowers.

The bird was not destroyed, because fire can’t destroy stone, but the bird was sad. She was so unhappy.

The little stone bird cried for a long time. She couldn’t stop crying. She cried in the morning, she cried in the afternoon, and she cried in the evening. She cried all night. She couldn’t stop thinking about the forest and the beautiful flowers.

But tears are salty. And salt is aggressive. So, little by little, the tears changed the stone into water. The little stone bird changed into a puddle between the mountains.

But with the sun, water evaporates! Little by little, the puddle went up into the sky, and the little stone bird changed into a cloud! She was a cloud, like she wanted to be! She could travel. She could fly over world with the other birds. She could see forests and she could see flowers.

But she couldn’t forget the story of her forest. Her forest, that was destroyed in the big fire.

So now, when she sees a forest fire, the little stone bird starts to rain on the trees, and the fire stops!