The Lion and The Mouse

English’s Docs Intermediate The Lion and The Mouse

The Lion and The Mouse

A fable by Aesop

Once upon a time, there was  a big lion sleeping under a tree.  While the lion slept, a little mouse walked up  to the lion.  The mouse did not pay attention as he walked.  By accident, the mouse walked on the lion.  

The lion was sleeping, but he woke up with a ROOOAAAR!  The big lion was furious!  He trapped the mouse.  “Why did you walk on me?  Why did you wake me?  I was so relaxed sleeping under my tree,” said the lion.  

The mouse said.  “Oh no, I am sorry, Lion! Please, please, Lion.  Do not eat me.”  The lion cried, “You walk on me.  You wake me up.  Then, you say I cannot eat you? Ha! I am a lion.  I can eat anyone.”  “Yes, you are big and you can eat me.  But if you let me go, I can help you,” said the Mouse.   “Impossible!  You are a mouse! You cannot help me,” said the big lion.  “I can let you go… but never wake me up again!”

The lion let the mouse go.  “Thank you!  I will help you someday!” cried the mouse.  The mouse walked home.  He paid attention and did not walk on the lion!

The days passed, the lion slept under his tree.  Hunters arrived.  They paid attention to the great lion because he was so big.  But they did not pay attention to mouse.  While the lion slept, the hunters trapped the lion.  The lion woke up in the trap.  The lion roared, “Help!  Help!.”  But the animals did not pay attention.  “Anyone?  Will anyone help?”

The mouse arrived at the tree to help the lion.  “Oh no! You are not big and you cannot help,” said the trapped lion.  “Wait and see.  I am not big, but I can help,” said the mouse.  “I can eat through the trap.”  The mouse had big teeth.  He ate through the trap with his teeth.  The lion was free!

“I thought it was impossible, but you helped me!  Thank you, Mouse!” said the lion.  From that day on, the lion protected the Mouse..