The Legend of the Welsh Dragon

English’s Docs Beginner Pre-Beginner The Legend of the Welsh Dragon

A long time ago, there were a lot of dragons on Earth. There were pink dragons and purple dragons. There were orange and yellow dragons. There were black and green dragons. There were lots of colours of dragons.

One day, a white dragon flew down to a little village in Wales. The dragon liked the village and decided to live in the village.

But the white dragon was not a nice dragon. He wasn’t friendly. If the dragon was angry, he would freeze the people.

The white ice dragon didn’t know that another dragon lived in the village. The other dragon was red. It was the red fire dragon.

But it was winter. The red fire dragon was sleeping. He was hibernating in a cave in a cliff near the village.

In the spring, the red dragon woke up. He went out of his cave and he looked at the village. The people in the village were sad. They were cold. They were frozen. The spring didn’t want to come to the village.

The red fire dragon said to the white ice dragon, “Ice dragon. You cannot destroy my village. Tomorrow we are going to fight on the cliff by the village.”

So, the next day, the dragons fought on the cliff. The people watched from the village.

It was a long battle. The white ice dragon hit the red fire dragon’s head with his tail. The red dragon flew up into the clouds. Suddenly, the red dragon came down and killed the white dragon with his tail.

The people were really happy. The white dragon was dead.

But the red dragon went back to his cave and went to sleep. He didn’t wake up. The red dragon was dead. The people were sad.

The weather was sad, too. It rains on the green grass in Wales, not to forget the red dragon.

The village mayor said, “We will have a red dragon on our flag.  The flag will have green for the grass and white for the ice.  We don’t want to forget the story of the red dragon!”