The Golden Goose

English’s Docs Beginner The Golden Goose

The Golden Goose

A Fable by Aesop


A man had a goose. But it was not a normal goose. It was a magic goose. Every day the man came and said to the goose, “I want an egg.” Each day, the goose produced one egg: a golden egg. The man was very rich.

But he was greedy. He said, “I want two eggs.” But the goose only produced one golden egg. The man did not say “thank you” and he was not satisfied.

He wanted all the eggs inside the goose. He was rich, but he wanted more gold.

So the man killed the goose. The man opened it. He looked for the eggs inside. But the goose had no golden eggs inside. The man had killed the magic goose. His greed had caused the death of the precious goose. There were no more golden eggs. The man was embarrassed and sad.