The Girl with a Doll on Christmas Eve

English’s Docs Beginner The Girl with a Doll on Christmas Eve

 The Girl with a Doll on Christmas Eve

Dr. BenikoMason heard this story at Church when she was still a member of a Christian Church. Beniko rewrote it according to her memory.

A long time ago, there was a very good boy. He helped his mother at home and helped his father on the farm. He was very much loved by his parents. His name was Peter. He was about 12 years old.

One day, the day before Christmas, Peter’s father said early in the morning after breakfast, “Peter, you have been such a good boy. Your mother and I have decided to give you six silver coins for Christmas. Buy anything you want.” Father gave Peter the money and Peter was happy. He had been wishing for a pair of ice skates.

That afternoon Peter went to town to look for a pair of ice skates. He went into a store and looked around, but he could not find anything he liked. He was about to leave when he saw a little girl coming inside the store. 

The girl was thin and looked hungry. Her jacket had holes, and it looked dirty. She went to the corner of the store where the dolls were. She picked one up and hugged it, she touched the dress and fussed with the doll a little bit. Then she sighed and said, “Someday.” She put the doll back on the shelf. Then she saw another doll in another corner of the store and so, the little girl went over there and picked it up, fussed with the dress, and sighed and said, “Someday.” The little girl was about to leave the store, but then she saw another doll. She picked that doll up as well. The little girl became very still. A moment passed. She then asked the sales clerk. “Is there a doll that costs only one coin?” The sales woman said nastily, “No! All the dolls here cost three silver coins or more.” The girl put down the doll, said nothing, and wanted to leave the store.

Peter was watching all this and he could not stand it any longer. He said to the sales woman, “How much is that doll?” “Five silver coins,” the woman said. He said, “I’ll buy it!” Quickly he bought the doll, found the little girl, and gave it to her. She was happy. She smiled and said “Thank you!”  Then she went outside, sat on the curb and stroked the doll.

Peter felt so good. He thought he did something kind the day before Christmas. He didn’t buy anything for himself, but he bought a doll for a poor girl. Christmas is a time when you show love to people. He felt good. He went home and told his parents. They were happy to hear that Peter had helped the poor little girl.

That night when he was going to bed, Peter thought about the girl. He wondered where the girl was and wondered what she would be doing with the doll. It was a cold night, and soon Peter went to sleep in his warm bed.

The next morning, when he came down for breakfast, his parents were talking about a poor girl who was found dead on a street downtown. Peter’s mother said, “A poor little girl went to sleep in the snow last night on a street. It was so cold that she froze to death. A lot of people cried for her when they saw her lying in the street.”

Mother went on and said, “The girl was holding a doll when she went to sleep. But, before she fell asleep she took off her jacket and gave the jacket to the doll. The little girl was wearing almost nothing, but the doll was wearing a jacket. The girl loved the doll so much that she gave away the only jacket she had to keep her doll warm.”

This is the spirit of Christmas. You sacrifice what you have for others because you love them more than you love yourself. Peter did the same thing. But the girl gave away her life to make sure her doll was warm.

The End