The Frog Prince – Beginner

English’s Docs Beginner The Frog Prince – Beginner

The Frog Prince

Once upon a time, there was a princess. She was 12. She had a ball. She loved her ball. It was special. The King, her Papa, gave her the special ball. The ball was pure gold!

One day, the princess played with the golden ball. SPLASH! The ball fell in the water! “Oh no, my ball. I can’t see my ball!” said the princess. She was very sad.

“Don’t cry!” said a frog. “I can help you.”

The princess was surprised. She said, “Oh, yes. Please help, little frog. If you help me, you will be my best friend.”

“You promise? You will be my friend?” said the frog.

“Yes, I promise,” said the princess.

Then, the frog picked up the ball. He threw it up to the princess.  The princess was so happy! She picked up the ball and went home.  The frog said, “Princess, stop, stop!” But the princess ignored the frog.

The frog went to the castle.  “You promised to play with me!” said the frog. The princess ignored the frog. But the king, her Papa, was very surprised.

The King said, “You made a promise? Then you must play with the frog.”

The princess said, “Oh no, it’s that frog!”

The King said, “Princess, you must honor your promise.” The princess agreed, but she was not happy.

The king and the princess went to eat. The frog went, too. He said, “Princess, please help. Please pick me up. I want to eat with you.”

The king said, “Princess, pick up the frog!” The princess picked up the frog. The frog was slimy and disgusting. She had trouble eating; there was a disgusting frog with her!  The princess was not happy.

Then, the princess went to bed. The frog went, too. The princess relaxed in her comfortable bed. Suddenly, she felt something slimy! It was the frog! “EWWW!” she cried, as she threw the frog through the air.

The frog hit the wall. The poor frog cried in pain. The princess went to the poor frog. She picked him up and said, “Oh no, please don’t cry. I’m sorry. I am your friend.”

Suddenly, the frog transformed himself. He was no longer a frog. He transformed into a prince. “Thank you, Princess. A terrible witch turned me into a frog – but you saved me! Now I am a prince again! Thank you!” said the prince. The prince and the princess were so happy. The years passed, and they were best friends forever.