The Frog and the Ox

English’s Docs Beginner Pre-Beginner The Frog and the Ox

One day the frog was by the river.

The frog saw the ox.  The ox was in the river.  He was a very big ox.

The frog puffed himself up.  He wanted to be as big as the ox.

“You are not as big as the ox,” said the other animals.

He took a big breath.

“Impossible!  You are not as big as the ox,” they said.

Frog did not listen.  Frog took in more air.  He took a big breath.  He was big… but he was not as big the ox.

He was frustrated.  “More air,” he thought.  He took in more air… so much air he was like a balloon.  Then POP!  He burst like a balloon.