The Forget-me-Not

English’s Docs Beginner The Forget-me-Not

When God created the world, He also created the flowers. God gave names and colours to all the flowers.

He named the rose and gave it different colours. He said to the rose, “You will be called Rose”, and He gave it the colours pink, red, yellow and white.

Then He named the tulip. He said to it, “You will be called Tulip”, and He gave it different colours. He gave the tulip the colours pink, red, yellow and violet, too.

In the same way, He named the violet. He said to it, “You will be called Violet”, and He gave it the colour violet.

He also created a big yellow flower which He called Sunflower, because it turned in the direction of the sun.

But God forgot a flower. It was a very little flower.

In a trembling voice, the flower begged God repeatedly, “Don’t forget me! Please don’t forget me!”

The flower insisted, but its voice was very quiet and God didn’t hear it.

Finally, when God had finished His work, He heard the flower’s quiet voice and He turned in its direction.

Sadly, all the names were already given! The plant cried and cried and cried. She didn’t stop crying. God thought, “What a shame! The poor plant doesn’t have a name and I don’t know what to call it!”

So God looked at the plant and thought. He comforted it and said, “I am sorry, I don’t have a name for you, but you will be called, “Forget-me-Not”. I am going to give you the colour blue like the sky and the colour red like blood. Then you will comfort the living and you will accompany the dead.

So, the little blue and red flower called the forget-me-knot was born.