The Faerie Queene

English’s Docs Intermediate The Faerie Queene

The Faerie Queene: The story of Britomart

Adapted from Edmund Spenser

Once there were three friends: three knights. They were traveling through a terrible storm. They were cold and wet.  They stopped at the castle of a rich man.  He invited to them relax by the fire. So the three knights relaxed.

Then, there was a knock at the door.  A mysterious knight arrived. The knight had a helmet on. It was impossible to see the knight’s face.  

“Who are you?” asked one of the three knights.

The mysterious knight was silent.

“Show your face!” said another knight.

But the mysterious knight was silent. The three friends were nervous, wondering, “Who is this mysterious knight? Why doesn’t he show his face?”  

“Show your face or fight!” said one knight.

Then, the mysterious knight drew his sword.  The knights fought.

But the fight was not fair: 3 versus 1.  The one mysterious knight was a very good fighter.  The mysterious knight knocked out the three knights.

When the fight was over, the three knights were amazed!  They said, “Who is this strong knight?”

The mysterious knight took off her helmet. She was a beautiful woman. In fact, she was a princess.

“I am Princess Britomart. I am searching for my love, Sir Arthegall,” said the beautiful woman.

Princess Britomart was a strong, determined woman.  She was very beautiful, but very sad. Her love, the Knight Arthegall, was lost.   He was lost in the land of Fairie. Princess Britomart dressed up as a knight and searched for him. 

In the castle, the three knights said, “You are a princess. But you are going to save a knight? That is amazing!” They wanted to help.  They made a suggestion.

“Go to the tournament.  All the knights will be at the tournament,” said one knight.

“Thank you!” said the princess. She left with a mission: to go to the tournament.

The determined princess searched for a long time.  Along the way, she fought a giant.  She won the fight and kept going.

Then, she fought a dragon. She won the fight and kept going. She didn’t stop. She was determined.

One day, she arrived at the tournament.  All the knights competed at the tournament. The princess searched for  Sir Arthegall. But he was not there.  

Then, the princess saw a knight. He had a black horse and black helmet.  She asked, “Excuse me, have you seen Sir Arthegall?”

The Black Knight said, “Ha ha! Go away, boy. I am an important knight.”

Princess Britomart was annoyed. “I am not a boy,” she said.  She took a lance and joined the competition. She knocked the knight off his horse.  In fact, she knocked all the knights off their horses. She won the tournament.  

The people were amazed at the mysterious knight!

Satisfied, Britomart kept searching for Arthegall.  She was on a mission.

But the Black Knight was furious! He was embarrassed publicly!  In rage, he cried “Stop and fight me!”

The Black Knight had a friend. The friend was a knight. He had a helmet, so it was impossible to see his face. But it was Arthegall.  The Black Knight and his friend, Arthegall prepared to attack!

Princess Britomart took her lance. She knocked the Black Knight off his horse.

“Stop attacking my friend!” cried Arthegall.

Then, Arthegall attacked Princess Britomart.  She wore a helmet so he could not see her face.

But the princess was a good fighter.  She knocked Arthegall off his horse.  

Arthegall fell off his horse. He is furious!  He attacked her with a sword. He knocked off the helmet. 

Finally, he saw the princess’s face.  “Princess Britmart, my love!” cried Sir Arthegall with joy.

Britomart was sorry for knocking her love off his horse.

Arthegall was sorry for knocking his love’s helmet off.

They embraced.  “Thank you, your determination and love saved me,” said Arthegall.

The two were married and lived happily ever after.