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The Faerie Queene: The story of Britomart

By Edmund Spenser

There were 3 friends.  They were knights. They were on a mission.

One day, there was a terrible storm. They were cold and wet.  They stopped at a castle. They relaxed by a fire.

Then, there was a knock at the door.  A mysterious knight arrived.

“What is your name?” asked one of the three knights.

The mysterious knight was silent.

“What is your name?” said one knight.

But the knight was silent. The 3 friends were angry.

“What is your name?” they repeated.

The mysterious knight was silent.   The knight took out his sword. There was a fight. The mysterious knight won the fight.

The 3 knights were surprised!  “Incredible! You won the fight!” said the knights. “3 versus 1!”  The mysterious knight took off her helmet. She was a beautiful woman. In fact, she was a princess.

A knight said romantically, “Beautiful woman, what is your name?”

She said, “My name is Princess Britomart.”

The 3 knights loved the princess immediately!