The Difficult Child

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The Difficult Child

A tale by the Brothers Grimm


Once upon a time there was a mother. She had a very difficult child. The child, a girl, was very disobedient. When her mother told her child to obey, the girl would disobey

One day, the mother said, “My child, here is your dinner. Eat!” But the girl disobeyed. She said “no” and would not eat. 

On the next day, the girl again would not eat. Her mother said, “My dear girl, here are vitamins. Take them!”  But the girl disobeyed. She would not take the vitamins.

On the third day, the mother said, “Dear, you will not eat, and now you are weak. Go to bed my dear girl.” But the girl disobeyed. She would not go to bed. Her mother repeated, “Go to bed.” But again, the girl said “no.”

On the fourth day, the  girl was very weak. She had would not sleep and she would not eat. Her mother called the doctor. The doctor prescribed medicine.  “Here, take this medicine. The doctor says it’s urgent!” said the mother. But the girl refused.  She would not take it. 

The disobedient girl would not eat. She would not sleep. She would not take vitamins or medicine. She was so weak, the doctor said it was possible she would die. 

On the fifth day, the girl died. Her mother was devastated. She cried and cried.  

The next day, there was the funeral. The girl’s mother visited her dear girl’s grave. There, the mother cried and cried, as she said “Goodbye.”

On the grave was an inscription: R.I.P. for “Rest in peace”.  Sadly, the mother said, “Rest in peace, my dear girl.”  But the girl disobeyed.  She would not rest in peace. Her hand popped out of the grave!

The mother panicked! She cried, “Oh no! A zombie! “

The minutes passed and the grave was calm. So the mother pushed the hand back in. The mother repeated, “Rest in peace. ” But again, the hand popped out of the grave.  

Finally, the mother understood. If she said “Rest in peace,” the girl would disobey. So, the mother pushed the hand back in the grave said, “Goodbye for now. See you again.” 

Finally, the disobedient, difficult girl rested in peace.