The Crystal Ball- Beginner

English’s Docs Beginner The Crystal Ball- Beginner

The Crystal Ball

A Grimm’s fairytale 


Once upon a time, there was a witch. She had three sons. The sons were good and noble. But the witch was cruel. She was jealous. One day, she transformed the sons. The first son was transformed into an eagle. The second son was transformed into a whale.

The third son thought he would be transformed next.  He was horrified. Immediately, the young man ran away.


The young man ran and ran.  He went a long distance. Finally, he arrived at a castle. It was a gold castle. The young man was surprised! “Impossible! A castle made of pure gold!” he said. 


At that time, there was a legend. The legend tells of a beautiful princess in a castle of pure gold. The princess was the most beautiful princess in the world.


Curious, the young man entered the castle. The princess was on the throne. But she was not beautiful. She was old. Her face was wrinkled. Her hair was gray. The princess cried and cried.


The young man had a tender heart, so he said, “Princess, why are you crying?”

The princess said, “I’m crying because of a cruel witch. She was an old lady and she was not pretty. She was jealous, so she turned me into an old lady. “


The young man felt pity for the princess. “The cruel witch is real! She transformed my whole family! “


The princess said, “The witch has magical powers. The source of her power is her crystal ball. With the crystal ball, she can transform people. “


The young man said, “Where is the crystal ball?”


The princess explained: “There is a tree. In the tree there is a bird. It is a firebird. The bird defends itself with dangerous flames. Catch the bird. Inside the bird, there is the crystal ball. “

The young man had great courage. He went to the forest. He found the tree and went up to the bird. But the firebird flew away.  The young man said to himself: “It’s impossible to catch the bird! He is too fast ! “


CAW CAW! Another bird– an eagle– appeared. It was the young man’s brother! The eagle was faster. He caught the firebird. The fire bird fell on the beach.


Suddenly there was a big fire.


The young man said to himself, “Oh no, it’s impossible to catch the firebird. There are dangerous flames! “


WHOOSH! A whale appeared. It was the young man’s other brother! The whale jumped on the surface of the water. It sprayed  a lot of water fell on the flames.


Finally, the young man caught the firebird.  Inside the bird, there was the crystal ball. With the ball, the young man had magical powers.  


With his magic powers, he turned the eagle and the whale into humans. The three brothers were so happy!


Finally, the young man returned to the castle. He transformed the princess into her natural form. She was the most beautiful princess in the world! The princess and the young man were so happy!  


The princess and the young man got married and they lived happily ever after.