Saint Martin

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Saint Martin

A German legend


Once upon a time, there was a good man.  He was named Martin.  In fact, people said he was Saint Martin.

Saint Martin was so kind.  When Martin saw hungry people, he gave them his food. When Martin saw poor people, he gave them his money. When he saw sick people, he helped them.  The people said, “Martin is a good man!  He is a saint!”

One day in December, it was very cold.  It was -10 degrees.  Snow covered a village.

There was a poor man in the village. He was so poor, he had no food.

He walked all around the village and said, “Please, can you give me a little food?”   But people passed by.  No one gave the poor man food.

Martin saw the poor man.  Martin was a good man. He said, “What can I give this poor man? I have only a helmet, a sword, a horse and a cloak.”

He had an idea. He took his sword and his cloak.   With the sword, he cut the cloak. He gave one part to the poor man.  The poor man was surprised and happy.  He said, “Martin is a good man! He is a saint!”

One day the church was looking for a bishop. People loved Martin so much and wanted Martin to be the bishop. Martin said “No.”  He did not want to become a bishop.  He ran out of village.  He ran and ran.

He ran to a farm.  There were animals on the farm.  The animals cried out.  They got louder and louder. HEEHAW HEEHAW!  MARTIN IS HERE!

The people of the village arrived.  “Please be the bishop,” said the people of the village. Martin said yes and he was a very good bishop.  He was such a good bishop, he was called “Saint Martin.”

Today, every November 11, children in Europe celebrate St. Martin.