Pyramus and Thisbe – Intermediate

English’s Docs Intermediate Pyramus and Thisbe – Intermediate

Pyramus and Thisbe

A Greek Myth


Once upon a time there were two neighbors: a boy and a girl. The boy’s name was Pyramus.  He was handsome and good. The girl’s name was Thisbe. She was beautiful and kind. 

The two neighbors lived in connected houses.  But they never saw each other. Their families hated each other. Pyramus and Thisbe’s families had been enemies for a very long time. 

“That family is terrible.  The boy is lazy and stupid!” said Thisbe’s father. “The parents are lazy too,” said Thisbe’s mother.


Pyramus always heard the same critiques.  “That neighbor girl is ridiculous and the family is a joke,” said Pyramus’ parents.


One day, Pyramus was alone in his room.  Suddenly, he heard a girl’s voice. She said, “Hello, my name is Thisbe.”

Pyramus was surprised because he did not see a girl. He looked and saw a small crack in the wall.  He approached the wall.

“Hello?” he said through the wall. 

“Hello, what is your name?” said the girl.

Pyramus understood. His room was connected to Thisbe’s room and they shared a wall.

“My name is Pyramus,” he said.  They talked and talked for a long time.  The two neighbors became friends. 

Time passed. Every day they would talk through the crack in the wall. Pyramus could not wait for night.  Every night, he would talk to Thisbe. Pyramus and Thisbe started as friends.  Eventually, Pyramus and Thisbe fell in love. 

One day, Pyramus was very curious to see Thisbe’s face. He said, “I love you and I must see you. Can we meet?” 

“We can not meet or my family will be furious,” said Thisbe nervously.

“Then let’s meet in secret. Tomorrow night, but the oak tree on the hill,” said Pyramus.  Thisbe agreed to meet her love. She was so happy, she could not wait for that night!

Finally, the night of the secret meeting arrived. Pyramus arrived first at the tree in the forest, but he did not see Thisbe. Instead, he saw a lion!  The lion’s mouth is covered with blood. He saw a woman’s dress, but it was covered with blood too! 

Pyramus exclaimed, “Oh no! My love, Thisbe is dead!” He was so devastated, he pulled out a knife.  He did not wait a second longer. He committed suicide and fell dead.


At that very second, Thisbe arrived.  She saw Pyramus laying dead next to the lion.  Thisbe was devastated. She got a bottle of poison. She drank the poison and fell dead.

The families found the boy and girl and felt very sorry.  Pyramus’s father said, “Look what happened! My boy is dead!”  “My girl is dead too!” cried Thisbe’s father.  “You should not have been enemies,” said the mothers sadly. The families had learned a sad lesson.