English’s Docs Beginner Pygmalion


A Greek myth

Once upon a time there was an artist. His name was Pygmalion. He was a good sculptor.  Pygmalion was a perfectionist.

One day, Pygmalion was sculpting. He was sculpting the image of a woman.He sculpted two long legs. They were  beautiful, but Pygmalion was not satisfied. 

He continued. Pygmalion sculpted two arms. They were beautiful… but Pygmalion was not satisfied.

Pygmalion sculpted a chest, then a face. He sculpted and re-sculpted. He was a perfectionist.  Night and day, he sculpted. Pygmalion was obsessed.

Eventually, the statue was 100% perfect. Pygmalion named his creation, Galatea. Pygmalion loved Galatea.  Pygmalion said, “Galatea, I love you!” But Galatea was a statue. Pygmalion was sad and lonely.

One day, Pygmalion said a prayer to Aphrodite. Aphrodite was the goddess of love. He told her: “Aphrodite, I’m in love with a statue. Help me, please.”

Aphrodite had pity on Pygmalion. He was so sad.  Finally, Aphrodite transformed the statue. She transformed the statue into a human.

Pygmalion looked at Galatea. She was beautiful, but now she was a real person. Pygmalion said, “Thank you, Goddess!  Galatea, I love you!”

Galatea said, “I love you too.”  The couple got married and lived happily ever after.