Prometheus Brings Humans Fire

English’s Docs Beginner Prometheus Brings Humans Fire

Prometheus Brings Humans Fire

A Greek Myth


There were two brothers.  The two brothers were named Prometheus and Antetheus.  “Pro” means first.  Prometheus was born first.  He was older.  He was very intelligent.  And he was always thinking about future.  He wanted progress. He wanted to make things better.  

The younger brother was Antetheus.  Antetheus’s name contained “ante” -the past.  He was always thinking about the past.  He loved history.  He loved to hear stories about Mount Olympus.   He said, “Brother, we have a lot to learn from the past.”

Prometheus was obsessed with the future.  Antetheus was obsessed with the past.  But Prometheus realized that he past was important.  He listened to his brother.  

He went to Earth to help protect humans.  He thought humans were the future.  The gods of Mount Olympus are the past, but humans are the future.

On Earth, he discovered that people were cold and hungry. He saw human suffering.  He also knew that they were intelligent and they could make great things if they only had energy and warmth.  

Prometheus said, “Brother, the humans are suffering!  They are cold and hungry.”

Antethius said, “Go to Mount Olympus.”  The gods can help.  In the past, the gods created the humans.  The gods are intelligent.  They will know what to do.

So Prometheus went to Mount Olympus.  He saw the gods.  He said, “Please help.  The humans are cold and hungry.  You are gods; you are very intelligent.  You can think of a solution.”  

Jupiter was a god in Mount Olympus.  He saw Prometheus and said, “No! Go back to the humans.  We will not help.”  “Why not?” asked Prometheus. “The humans are suffering.  They are very cold and hungry.  If you do not help, they will die. They will have no future.”  

“Let them die,” said Jupiter.  “We can not let man be great.  If they make progress and discover new ideas, they will be intelligent like us.  We are gods; only gods should be strong and intelligent.”

Sadly, Prometheus turned and left Mount Olympus.  He was very sad.  He walked back to his brother.  As he walked, he saw a plant.  It was an ancient plant.  It was as ancient as the gods.  He touched the plant.  He had an idea.  He took the plant and he walked and walked.  He arrived in the East, where the sun visits the Earth.  He waited for morning.  It was beautiful when the sun appeared in the East that morning.  Prometheus was filled with hope.  He held the plant so that it touched the sun.  The plant caught fire!  Prometheus took the fire back to the humans.

Prometheus helped humans protect the fire.  They cooked food to eat.  They were warm and happy. Fire gave them hope.  Each time the sun appeared, the humans thought about Prometheus.  They had hope for the future.