English’s Docs Beginner Pandora


A Greek myth

Zeus was furious. He thought, “Men do not respect me. They do not obey me.”

Zeus decided to trick man. The trick would be a beautiful woman. Zeus created the first woman. He named her Pandora. She was very beautiful.

Zeus said, “HA HA! This woman is beautiful, but she will cause many problems. The woman has a tender heart. She makes decisions with her heart. She will cause the destruction of man.”

Zeus loved his plan! When he created the woman, Zeus used the same material as for men. The woman was made from dust from the earth. She had a similar shape. But the woman had beauty and compassion. Zeus named his creation Pandora. Pandora was the first woman.

Zeus ordered Pandora: ”Go to Prometheus and his brother, Epimetheus. Prometheus and Epimetheus have compassion for humans. They like humans. Go to Earth. Find Prometheus and Epimetheus and see the humans. ”

“Yes, your Majesty,” said Pandora.

”And … one more thing … take this gold box,” ordered Zeus.

“Yes, your Majesty,” said Pandora.

”But do not open it! ” ordered Zeus. “Opening the box causes serious problems! ”

“Yes, your Majesty,” said Pandora.

Pandora obeyed Zeus… for the moment. She did not open the box. She went to Earth. She looked for Prometheus. Pandorea knocked on the door at Prometheus’s house. His brother, Epimetheus, opened the door. Epimetheus saw Pandora. She was so beautiful! Epimetheus fell in love with Pandora.

Pandora explained her  story:’ ”Zeus created me. He told me to come to this house on Earth. ”

”I’m glad you came! Stay with me,” said Epimetheus, romantically.

”What is in the box?” asked Epimetheus.

”Zeus gave me this box. But he ordered me not to open it,” she said.

“Yes, it is important to obey the gods. They are intelligent,” said Epimetheus. He respected the gods.

Then time passed and Epimetheus married Pandora. They loved each other and they were happy.

One day, the box made some bizarre noises. Mysterious voices came from the box.

”Open the box! We are in danger! Please! Open the box!” said the mysterious voices.

“Zeus ordered me not to open it,” said Pandora.

”We are stuck in the box! Please! Open the box!” said the mysterious voices.

Pandora had compassion for the creatures in the box. In a panic, she shouted, ”Epimetheus It’s bizarre. The box is talking! Here is the box! Listen, Epimetheus. ”

Epimetheus arrived and listened.

”The box is talking!” Pandora said. She heard voices coming from the box.

”Open the box! We are in danger! Please! Open the box!” repeated the box.

”No, do not listen to them! Ignore the box. It’s important to obey the gods. They are smart,” said Epimetheus to Pandora.

“Open the box! We are in danger! Please! Open the box!” said the mysterious voices.

Pandora obeyed Epimetheus. She ignored and ignored and ignored the voices. Day after day, the voices persisted. They repeated, “Open the box!”, but she did  not open it.

Time passed. Pandora’s curiosity was intolerable. The voices did not stop! She wanted silence. She was desperate. Pandora went to the box in secret. Epimetheus was not at home. Nervously, Pandora opened the box. Terrible spirits came out! All kinds of terrible voices shouted, “HAHA! Stupid woman! You listened to us. Now, we will torment the Earth! Ha ha ha!”

The cruel spirits entered the Earth. Men were infected by these spirits: cruelty, jealousy, meanness, and disrespect. Spirits flew in the air. They entered the hearts of people.

But a final spirit came out of the box: the spirit of hope.

Epimetheus turned to Pandora to console her: ”My love, we have hope,” said Epimetheus.

”Compassion is a terrible thing. We make terrible decisions,” said Pandora.

”Yes ​​and no. Compassion gives hope, too,” said Epimetheus.

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