English’s Docs Beginner Narcissus


Narcissus is a handsome boy.  Narcissus is exceptionally beautiful. But Narcissus is not tender. Narcissus is arrogant and cruel.

Narcissus passes through the forest. He passes a lake. Narcissus approaches the lake. The face of Narcissus reflects on the surface of the lake. Suddenly he notices a beautiful face.  It is his face, but he is confused.  He thinks he has found his true love.  Narcissus adores the face. He professes his love to the mysterious face. Narcissus proclaims “I love you!” Silently, the face repeats “I love you.”

Narcissus romantically caresses the face. But when he touches the face – POOF – it disappears!

Narcissus cries, “Return, my love! I love you!”

The minutes pass. The surface of the lake is calm again, and the beautiful face returns.  Narcissus notices the beautiful face and he cries out with joy: “My love! ”

But the moment he touches the face, it disappears.  Narcissus does not realize that it is his reflection.  Narcissus is devastated.  He is desperate to touch his love in the lake, but it is impossible.

He stays at the lake.  He does not go home.  His passion is so extreme, he is unable to leave his love. He stays at the lake for a long time.  Narcissus does not eat.  He is exposed to the elements.  Finally, Narcissus dies.