Music for the Clouds

English’s Docs Beginner Music for the Clouds

A long time ago, there was a little country. The little country was in Africa.

There was a problem in the little country. The sky was blue and there was no rain. It was dry. It was not wet. There was no food and no water, either.

The people in the little country were sad. They were not happy. The people said, “We are hungry. We are thirsty! We want to eat! We want to drink, too!”

There was a group of musicians in the little country. One musician played the guitar.  Another musician played the violin. Another played the flute. No musicians played the piano.

The musicians were travelling round the country. They needed money. They wanted money. They travelled to play music and they played music for money.

But, the people didn’t want to listen to music.

The people wanted to eat! They wanted to drink! They were sad and they were hungry. They were thirsty, too.

The musician with the guitar said, “Why is there no rain in this little country? Why are the rain clouds not coming? I have an idea. We will play music for the clouds! If we play music, it will rain for the people!”

The musicians went up a mountain. They prepared a big concert for the clouds.

The people went up the mountain, too. They wanted to listen to the concert, because they wanted the rain to come.

The musicians played music. The music notes went up into the clouds.

The notes went up the clouds and down the clouds. The notes tickled the clouds.

The clouds smiled. The clouds laughed. The clouds laughed and laughed and started to cry because they were happy!

It rained on the people. There was food and there was water, and the people were happy!

And the musicians were happy, too, because they had money!