Merlin, the Enchanter

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Merlin, the Enchanter

A tale from Wales and Brittany


Long ago there was an enchanter. His name was Merlin. He lived in Camelot.  Merlin had special powers. He had the power to see the future. King Arthur wanted Merlin’s help. He said, “Merlin, please help. Camelot is at war. Our enemies are attacking. Can you see the future? What is Camelot’s future?”

Merlin saw the future and saw Camelot’s enemies. For a long time, Merlin helped King Arthur. He was loyal to the king and Camelot. Merlin was happy to help, but the visions were terribly sad.  In the future, Merlin saw many wars.

Merlin was not happy in Camelot. He preferred the forest. Merlin loved nature. The wars and death made Merlin so sad, so one day he ran away. Merlin ran to the forest. He relaxed by a lake. Finally, he was happy.

One day, Merlin saw a very beautiful girl. She had long, beautiful hair. She wore elegant clothes. Merlin said, “Hello, my name is Merlin. What is your name?”

Merlin saw the future, so he was not surprised when the girl said, “My name is Vivian.”

Merlin and Vivian spent a lot of time talking. They had long conversations.

Quickly, Merlin fell in love. Vivian pretended to love Merlin, but she had other plans. She said, “Merlin, you are a great enchanter! What can you enchant?”

“I can enchant the forest, the river, or even this stone,” said Merlin.

“Please teach me. I want to be an enchanter like you,” says Vivian.

Merlin taught Vivian many enchantments. Vivian learned them all.

One day, Merlin said to Vivian, “I love you. Do you love me?”

Vivian hesitated. She lied and said, “I love you.”  But Vivian just wanted Merlin to help her be an enchantress.  She did not love him.

Tragically, Merlin saw the future. Immediately, he knew Vivian was lying.  He was sad, but he loved Vivian anyway.

Merlin was happy to help Vivian.  He taught her many enchantments. Soon, she was an enchantress.

Merlin wanted to protect Vivian. One day, he enchanted some stones.  He turned the stones into a magic castle. The castle was so beautiful but it was invisible! Only Merlin and Vivian could see the castle.

Vivian was very happy. She did not love Merlin, but the castle gave her an idea. She could kill Merlin! It would be a secret, no one could see inside the castle.

Immediately, Vivian said to Merlin, “Merlin, come inside my castle. I have a surprise.”  But nothing was a surprise to Merlin. He saw the future.

Merlin closed his eyes to see the future. He saw Vivian attack him. She would kill him! She would turn him to stone.

Merlin was very sad. “Come inside,” she said seductively. Merlin was so sad, but he went into the castle.  He was capable of running away, but Merlin was too sad to do that.

Merlin and Vivian entered the enchanted castle. Vivian used the enchantment Merlin had taught her. POOF! Vivian turned Merlin to stone.

In the forest today, you can still see the Merlin’s stone.