Macbeth – Intermediate

English’s Docs Intermediate Macbeth - Intermediate


Adapted from Shakespeare


Macbeth and his friend, Banquo, are military heroes. They just won a big victory. They are very happy. They walk on the road to go home. Then, they see three witches appear. The witches cry “All hail the leader of Cawdor!” and “You will be King!”

Banquo is shocked. “No, we are soldiers, not the king. We serve King Duncan.”

“But the future is clear. Macbeth is the future king,” said a witch.

Then the witches disappear. Macbeth and Banquo think this is impossible.

Soon after, a message arrives. The message is that the king is very happy with the victory. To say “thank you” King Duncan gave Macbeth a castle and made him the leader of Cawdor.

Macbeth is shocked! The witches were correct. He starts to believe the witches.

Macbeth writes a message to his wife, Lady Macbeth. Macbeth tells her of the witches. He writes, “They correctly read the future. They say that he will be king in the future!”

King Duncan loves Macbeth, who is a hero. They all go to Macbeths’ new castle for a celebration. The king is a very good king. They eat, celebrate, and go to bed. But Lady Macbeth secretly says, “Macbeth, you must kill the king.”

“That is terrible. I am not an assassin!” says Macbeth. But Lady Macbeth says it again and again. “The witches say the future is certain. It is destiny. You will be king. But King Duncan must die!”

Finally, Macbeth accepts. He follows his wife’s plan. Banquo sees that Macbeth is nervous. “What is wrong?” he says. But Macbeth is trembling.  Banquo suspects a problem, but Macbeth doesn’t tell him the secret.

Macbeth has a dagger hidden in his cloak. He goes to the king. He looks at the dagger in his hand and walks to King Duncan. As he walks, he thinks, “Impossible! Is this a dagger in my hand? What a cruel plan!”  But he obeys Lady Macbeth.

He goes to the king’s bed. He assassinates the king with the dagger.  He is trembling. Then he returns to his bed with the bloody dagger.

Lady Macbeth says, “This is a sorry sight.” She is nervous. “How stupid! You walked in the castle with blood and a dagger!” Macbeth was scared. He did not think clearly.

Lady Macbeth says, “The guards could see the blood and the dagger. Now we must kill them.”

“They are just soldiers like me. I can’t kill them,” says Macbeth.

“Give me the daggers,” says Lady Macbeth. She exits with the daggers and kills the guards.

The next morning, the king’s family and friends wake up. They see the king is dead. Macbeth cries, “Murder and treason!”  Lady Macbeth says, “What’s going on?”  She pretends to be innocent.

“Someone murdered the king!” they cry. Everyone wonders “Who killed the king?”

“I found the assassins: these terrible guards.  I saw the blood on them, and I was so mad that I killed them,” said Macbeth.

The guards were dead, so they could not defend themselves. Everyone accepted Macbeth’s story.

But Banquo suspects something is not right. “I think we should investigate,” he says.

“There is no time. Princes, you must run away. They will assassinate you next!” says Macbeth. The terrified princes agreed and the king’s family ran away.

King Duncan was dead. The princes were gone. Now, Macbeth was king. King Macbeth was very happy. Lady Macbeth was happy too!

There was only one problem: rumors. People were talking. Even his friend, Banquo, suspected something was not right.

King Macbeth was paranoid. Even his friend, Banquo was dangerous. He trusted no one.

Macbeth hires two guards to protect him. The guards are talented assassins. Macbeth and the assassins realize Banquo is dangerous, so they plan to kill him.  They will attack Banquo and his son at night on the road.

King Macbeth and Queen Macbeth make plans for a celebration. But Macbeth is terrified. The night of the celebration, there’s a knock at the door.  It’s one of the assassins.  Macbeth opens the door. He says,  “There’s blood on your face.”  The assassin says, “Yes, it is Banquo. But his son escaped.”

Macbeth says “Go fast! We’ll talk in secret tomorrow.”

Macbeth goes to the table. Many guests are there. Macbeth says, “My best friend Banquo is dead. I drink to his memory. I miss him.”

Then Macbeth turns and sees Banquo’s Ghost. Macbeth panics! He cries, “Leave my sight! Go back under the earth!”

Lady Macbeth says “What are you doing!”

A guest says, “What do you see, King Macbeth?”

Lady Macbeth says, “Please don’t ask. He doesn’t feel well. He needs a good night’s sleep.”

The guests are nervous for the king. They say, “Good night, we hope you feel better.” The rumor is that Macbeth is crazy.

Macbeth says, “I will visit the witches tomorrow.  I see strange things in my head.”

The next morning Macbeth goes to the witches.  The witches say, “Beware of Macduff.”

Macbeth thinks and thinks about Macduff. He is crazy and paranoid.

The king sends assassins to Macduff’s castle. Macduff is not at home. He is a soldier. He is with his troops. The assassins don’t see Macduff. They see Lady Macduff. The assassins kill Lady Macduff.

Soon Macduff gets the message: his wife, Lady Macduff, is dead! He is furious. “Macbeth killed the king. Then, he killed my wife. I will kill Macbeth.”

A messenger comes. The messanger says, “King Macbeth, there is an army approaching. It is Macduff’s army.” He is crazy but also very sad. “Life is but a walking shadow,” says Macbeth.

Suddenly, Macduff’s troops arrive at Macbeth’s castle. There is a massive attack. Macduff kills Macbeth.  Macbeth is dead. Finally, there is peace.