Jack and the Beanstalk: The Giant’s Story

English’s Docs Beginner Jack and the Beanstalk: The Giant’s Story

The Giant’s Story

A twisted folktale

Up high in the clouds, there is a generous giant. He has a good heart. He has a wife and baby. The giant family has a golden harp. The golden harp loves the giant. The harp plays beautiful music to make the baby sleep.

One day, a boy arrives. “Hello, I am Jack. Please help. I am so hungry,” says the boy. The giant and the giant’s wife are very hungry. The giant’s wife says, “Hi Jack. Please sit. Here is some soup.” She gives the boy some soup. The harp plays beautiful music.

“That harp is pure gold!” says Jack. Jack is very greedy, and he wants to take the harp.

Soon, it is time to sleep. The giant and his family go to sleep, but Jack does not.

He takes the golden harp. The harp was very sad. It plays and sings : “HELP! HELP! The boy is taking me!”

Immediately, the giant runs to help the harp.

But Jack has a magic beanstalk.  The boy runs down the beanstalk. The giant runs down the beanstalk, too.

But Jack is very fast. He takes the harp to his house. Then, he takes an ax. Jack cuts down the beanstalk! The beanstalk falls down. The giant was on the beanstalk. He falls, too.


The giant is hurt, and he is very sad. “Oh no, the beanstalk! Now, how do I go home?” says the giant.

He imagines his wife and baby, and he cries and cries.

At that moment, a good man passes by. He stops and says, “Don’t cry. Can I help?” The giant explains the problem. “It is impossible. There is no way to grow a giant beanstalk!”

But the man says, “Oh, that is easy. I gave Jack the magic beans. Now, I will give them to you.”

The good man gives the giant magic beans. “Thank you!” he says, and immediately, he plants the beans.  Quickly, an enormous beanstalk grows. Finally, he can go home!

At that moment, he hears HELP! HELP! It is the harp. The giant follows the music. Then, the giant sees the golden harp. He takes the golden harp, and it plays and sings, “Thank you! Thank you, good giant.”

Finally, the giant takes the golden harp. They go home, and the giant’s family is very happy!