Frigga and the Winter Solstice

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Frigga and the Winter Solstice

A Norse legend



Once upon a time there was a goddess called Frigga. Frigga was beautiful and kind.  She had a special ability. Frigga had the ability to see the future. She was unable to change the future, but she saw the future.

Frigga was the goddess of love and marriage. In April and May, in June and July, she was happy.   It was the season of love.  But in November, December, and January – in the winter – Frigga was sad.

One day, Frigga saw the future. She had a vision.  In the vision, a terrible tragedy would arrive on December 21st.  But also great joy would arrive on December 21st.

December 21st was the winter solstice: the longest day of the year. It was a sad day for Frigga.

One day, Frigga had a great surprise! She was expecting a baby. She was very happy! But the doctor said, “The baby will arrive on December 21st. ”

Frigga was terrified.  December 21st was a bad sign!

The day arrived for the baby’s birth.  It was the winter solstice. It was very cold and very dark. There was no sun. So, Frigga lit candles.

The moment arrived. It was time for the baby.  Frigga had a baby boy.  The baby was beautiful with gentle blue eyes.  She named the baby Baldur.

She was very happy. Finally, she saw her baby! As in the vision: joy arrived on December 21st.

In honor of the baby, the sun immediately rose.

But the vision had a second prediction: there would be a tragedy.

When Frigga looked in the baby’s blue eyes, she saw a vision.   She saw the baby’s future. In the future, Baldur would die. Frigga had a vision of his death. It was a violent death.

Frigga was terrified. She knew she was not able to change Baldur’s death.  The baby had time.  His death was in the distant future – in 60 years.

But Frigga had a soft heart. She cried and cried for Baldur. Normally she had a rosy face. But her face changed color. Frigga was pale and white.

In her honor, a plant magically changed color. Mistletoe changed its red berries.  The berries changed to white.

Frigga cried and held her baby.  Then, she looked in the baby’s eyes. Frigga calmed down. She gave her precious baby a kiss.

She said, “It’s impossible to change the future. But I can appreciate the present. When I see the mistletoe, I will always give my baby a kiss.”

Today, mothers light candles on the winter solstice. Also, when we see mistletoe, we give our loved ones a kiss.