Dionysus and The Pirates

English’s Docs Intermediate Dionysus and The Pirates

Once upon a time, there was a god, Dionysus. Dionysus was capable of transforming into any person or object. He transformed into a tiger, a soldier, a mountain, and many other things.  He loved to transform into strong creatures, but most of the time he transformed back into a handsome prince.  Dionysus looked like a rich prince. He had a royal crown and elegant robes. He walked along a road and pirates saw him. The pirates decided to kidnap him. “The royal family will pay a fortune for this prince!” said the pirates. The pirates thought he was a human, a mortal. They did not know he was a god. The pirates forced Dionysus onto their pirate ship. They tied tied him with cords around his wrists. 

Dionysus was furious. He broke the cords with magic. One pirate observed the scene. “The prisoner broke the cords with magic! He is not an ordinary person,” said the pirate. “Ha ha, you are stupid. He’s a prince. He has no magic. Magic isn’t real,” said all the other pirates.

Dionysus thought these mortals were pathetic. He had magic, but he was silent.

The minutes passed and the pirates were arrogant. They imagined the things they would buy: diamonds, pearls, castles. But one pirate suspected this was a terrible idea.  He said, “Please, let’s just return the prisoner. A prisoner with magic is too dangerous.” 

“Silence! Or I’ll kill you!” the pirates cried.  The cruel pirates simply put more cords on Dionysus. They put cords around his wrists and chains on his feet. They continued on the ocean.  

Dionysus was angry. 

“Kidnapping an innocent human? That is cruel. But I am no human. I am a god!” he yelled. “Now you will pay for your cruelty.”

Dionysus broke the cords again. He broke the chains, too. A terrible ROAR! was heard. Dionysus transformed into a lion. He roared and attacked the pirates. The pirates cried and ran. But they were just humans. Dionysus attacked every pirate… except one.

One pirate remained, the one pirate who suggested they return the prisoner. “Please don’t kill me,” said the pirate. Dionysus thought the man was good, so he did not kill him.

Dionysus did not kill the man. Dionysus transformed into a bird and flew back home. The good pirate had a new ship. He was the captain, and he promised not to hurt an innocent person.