Cupid and Psyche

English’s Docs Intermediate Cupid and Psyche

Cupid and Psyche

A Greek Myth

In Greece, there was a royal family. The family had three beautiful princesses.  The most beautiful princess was Psyche.  The people loved the princess.  They could not pay attention to their prayers.  They did not pay attention to the gods and goddesses – only Psyche.

Venus, the goddess of beauty was jealous! The people said, “Psyche, Psyche!  You are the most beautiful princess!  You are more beautiful than Venus!” Venus heard this and said, “More beautiful than me? Impossible!  I will kill this little human.” She was jealous of Psyche’s beauty.

Venus made a plan. She gave the royal family a vision.  A vision said, “Send Psyche to a dark palace at the bottom of Mount Olympus.  If Psyche goes to the dark palace, she will find her true love.  Her true love is a God.“

Psyche’s family said, “Go towards Mount Olympus. Go to a dark palace with no light.” Psyche obeyed and went to the dark palace. There was no light and no lamps.  It was dangerous and dark, but Psyche was happy.  She liked the silence and the dark.

Venus was happy. “Ha ha! Stupid human,” she said.  Venus turned to her son.  She said, “Son, go down Mount Olympus.  Go to this princess, Psyche.  People say she is beautiful and they do not pay attention to me.  Go and kill this human.”  The son obeyed.  The son’s name was Cupid.

Cupid was handsome. He was romantic like his mother, Venus.  He saw the beautiful princess and he was shocked!  She was the most beautiful princess.  Immediately, Cupid fell in love with Psyche.

But Psyche did not see Cupid.  He was invisible in the dark.

“Beautiful princess, sleep and relax,” said Cupid. Psyche obeyed.  She was curious.  “Can I see you?” she said. “No, you cannot see me.  If you see me, I must go back to Mount Olympus.  I want to be with you.  I love you.  Be my princess, be my true love forever.”  What Cupid said was beautiful.  Psyche was silent.  Cupid was so romantic.  Psyche loved Cupid, too.

Cupid and Psyche married and lived in the dark palace. Day after day, Cupid said, “I love you, my beautiful Psyche.”  Psyche closed her eyes.  Cupid’s romantic declaration was so beautiful to Psyche.  Psyche did not pay attention to the fact that Cupid was invisible.  She loved Cupid, and they were very happy.

One terrible day, Psyche’s family went to the dark palace. They panicked.  “Psyche, Psyche!  You must go back.  This dark palace is terrible and the person you love – he is a monster,” they said.

“A monster?  No, his name is Cupid.  He is my true love,” she said romantically.

“Are you certain? You cannot see him! ” they said.

Psyche hesitated. Cupid was invisible.  Was it possible?  Was Cupid a monster?

“Go to Cupid. Take this lamp.  When Cupid is asleep, look at his face,” and they passed Psyche a lamp.

Psyche went to Cupid with the light. Cupid was asleep.  She saw his beautiful face.  He was so handsome.  He was not a monster!

At that moment, Venus was high on Mount Olympus.  Venus looked and looked for her son.  She wanted her son back and she wanted to kill Psyche.  Suddenly, Venus saw the light.  She saw Cupid.

Cupid went as fast as possible, but Venus was faster. Venus forced Cupid back to Mount Olympus.

Psyche loved Cupid so she went up Mount Olympus. “Venus wants to kill me… but I want to see Cupid’s face.  I may die, but I want see my true love,” she said.

Psyche went to Venus.

“Venus, I want to see Cupid. I love him,” said Psyche.

“Ha ha, you are stupid. Cupid is my son.  You are a human.  You want to be a god?  You want to be as beautiful as me?  Impossible!” said Venus.  She was very jealous.  Venus made Psyche go get a magic box.  When Psyche opened the box, she closed her eyes, asleep.

“Ha ha, Psyche will sleep forever! Now I am the most beautiful!  ” said Venus.

Cupid was very fast and he went to Zeus. “Zeus, my true love is asleep forever.  Help me!”

Zeus loved Cupid’s romantic heart. He said, “Okay, I will help you.  I will go to Venus.”

“Your son loves Psyche. You love your son, so you must help,” said Zeus.  Zeus forced Venus to help her son.

Zeus helped make Psyche immortal. Psyche was a god, too.  Psyche and Cupid were married and they could stay on Mount Olympus forever.

Venus loved her son. Her son was happy with Psyche, so Venus accepted Psyche.  And they were happy forever.