Cancer’s death

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Cancer’s death

A Greek myth

There is a giant crab. He lives in the sea with all the marine animals. The crab likes to play a game: he pinches other animals. He annoys other animals in the sea. “The crab pinches everyone!” cries the turtle. “The crab must stop!” The turtle goes to shore to ask the gods to help her. The turtle goes to the goddess Hera, who protects animals. “Great goddess Hera, help us” says the turtle. “The crab pinches all the animals in the sea. Stop him, please!” Hera accepts and forces the crab to leave the sea. She puts the crab on the shore.

“Don’t go in the sea and don’t pinch!” Hera commands. But the crab likes playing games. He goes back to the water. He continues to pinch the animals.

“Stop the crab!” the turtle repeats to Hera. “He refuses to stop and the animals are annoyed.” Finally, Hera puts the crab in the night sky. In the sky, he can’t pinch other animals.

One day, Hera needs the crab. She has a conflict with an enemy, Heracles. Hera attacks Heracles, Heracles is so strong she can’t kill him.

“Attack and kill Heracles,” Hera commands the giant crab. She pulls him from the sky and puts him on the shore. The giant crab tries to kill Heracles, but Heracles is too big. Heracles cracks the crab’s shell with his foot.

The poor crab suffers and dies. To celebrate his memory, Hera puts an image of the crab in the night sky.

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