Beowulf and Grendel, based on an old epic Anglo-Saxon poem

English’s Docs Beginner Beowulf and Grendel, based on an old epic Anglo-Saxon poem








There is a young warrior named Beowulf. He lives in Sweden. Beowulf is a very brave and strong warrior. He is the bravest and strongest of all the warriors. He is very popular and respected in his country. His King appreciates him very much.

One day he meets a traveler from Denmark. The man says “My lord Rothgar, the king of Denmark, has a lot of problems with a horrible monster named Grendel. Nobody can stop that horrible ogre and we desperately need your help!”. Beowulf decides to sail to Denmark to help them. The King authorizes Beowulf to travel because he is a good friend of Rothgar, the King of Denmark.

Rothgar is very happy to welcome Beowulf in Denmark because he has a very good reputation. The King, his family and his warriors live in a wooden palace named Heorot. King Rothgar organizes a big banquet in Heorot and explains the problem to Beowulf in front of his people: “There is a horrible gigantic ogre named Grendel. The monster attacks us at night, when all the warriors are sleeping, and devours them! Grendel is very powerful and we can’t defeat him. The swords can’t pierce the ogre’s thick skin. We are brave warriors but we can’t defeat this horrible cannibal monster.”

Beowulf offers his help to destroy the ogre. King Rothgar says “But how can you help us? The swords can’t pierce his skin!” Beowulf responds “Don’t worry, your Majesty. If Grendel doesn’t need any sword, I don’t need a sword either. I can defeat Grendel with just my hands”.

At night, when all the warriors are asleep, Beowulf just pretends to be sleeping too, but he isn’t. He is very alert and vigilant. Suddenly Beowulf hears Grendel quietly entering in the palace! He stands up and fights the monster with his bare hands. The rest of the warriors wake up, too, and try to help Beowulf, but their swords are no good! The fight is very intense and long, but finally Beowulf tears one of Grendel arms from his body and the ogre runs away screaming in pain. The monster escapes, goes to his secret home and there he dies in horrible agony.

King Rothgar is very happy about the victory and celebrates by holding a banquet in the palace. They drink all night long until all of them fall asleep. But then something horrible happens! The mother of Grendel, who wants revenge for the death of her son, silently enters the palace and kills one of King Rothgar’s best warriors! Everybody wakes up, but the mother of the ogre escapes from the palace.

The king, Beowulf and all the warriors run after Grendel’s mother to kill her. They follow her until they arrive at a lake, where she jumps and dives underwater. Her home is at the bottom of the lake! The warriors are paralyzed because they are very scared of the dark waters.

But Beowulf is not scared. He is the bravest and strongest warrior. Beowulf jumps into the water and dives vigorously to the bottom of the lake. There he finds the cavern where the monster lives. It is the home of Grendel and his mum! Beowulf goes inside and there he finds the mutilated corpse of Grendel. Suddenly the mother of Grendel attacks him furiously. There is a long and intense fight, but finally Beowulf kills her. Then he cuts off the head of Grendel and swims back to the surface of the lake. When Rothgar and the warriors see Beowulf emerging from the lake holding the head of Grendel, all of them say “Hooray!”

King Rothgar, his family and the warriors celebrate the complete victory of Beowulf with big banquets in his honor. He is now the hero of Denmark, too! Beowulf sails back to Sweden and there he is welcomed by his king with the honors of a hero. His prestige and reputation are very big. Years later, after the death of the king, he is elected as the new monarch.

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