Beauty and the Beast

English’s Docs Beginner Pre-Beginner Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

A French tale

In a small village, there is a beautiful girl. She is beautiful inside and out. So, her father names her Belle.

One day, her father says “goodbye” to Belle and leaves the village. He travels a long time. Tired, he enters an abandoned palace for the night. He sees a beautiful rose. The father takes the rose for Belle.

Suddenly, a beast arrives. Furious, he shouts,”Criminal! You dare take my rose?” The beast captures him. 

The father stays in the dungeon for a long time. The days pass, and his daughter, Belle, is nervous. Soon, she leaves to look for her father. She looks for a long time. Finally, she arrives at the palace. She comes in and sees the beast. She is terrified, but says, “I am looking for my father. Beast replies, “Your father is a criminal. He is in the dungeon.”

She says, “Exchange me for my father.” It is a great act of compassion. Beast is touched. He accepts, and Belle stays at the palace. But she does not stay in the dungeon. Beast offers Belle a beautiful room. It offers her beautiful, elegant dresses with rubies, pearls, and diamonds.

Belle says, “Thank you, I am touched by your generosity”.

Belle and the beast have long conversations. Finally, Beast falls in love. Belle falls in love with Beast, but she is unsure. It was strange and dangerous to love a beast. 

One day, Belle says, “I want to see my father. Can I leave the palace? Beast says, “Yes, but do not stay long.” Then, Belle leaves the palace. She sees her father. She is happy. She stays with her father for a long time. 

In her absence, Beast suffers. Finally, Belle returns to the palace. When Beast sees Belle, Beast professes his love. Finally, she professes her love. She says, “I love you, too!” Immediately, he turns into a prince. 

And they lived happily ever after.