129 The Four Skilled Brothers

English’s Docs Intermediate 129 The Four Skilled Brothers

The Four Skilled Brothers

a story adapted from the Brothers Grimm

Once upon a time there were four brothers. One day, their father said, “Sons, go find your fortune. Go find an occupation.”

The four brothers accepted. They said goodbye to their father.  They made a promise to return in four years.

Four years passed.  The brothers found an occupation. One brother was a thief. He was a skilled criminal.

The second brother was an astronomer.  He was skilled with his telescope.
The third brother was a hunter. He was very skilled with a rifle.
The fourth brother was a tailor. He was skilled at making clothes.

Finally, it was time to return to their father.  The happy brothers said, “Father, I had great adventures!”

“Father, I discovered my talents!” said the second.
“Father, I found my fortune!” said the third.
“Father, I love my occupation!” said the last.

The father was very happy. All of the brothers were skilled.

One day, there was a tragedy. The princess was kidnapped by a dragon. The king said, “The princess will marry whoever kills the dragon.”

The father said to the brothers, “My sons, this is your chance! You are skilled! Go kill the dragon.”
The brothers have prepared for the trip. They went to Dragon Lake.  For transportation, the king gave the brothers a strong boat.

The brothers went out on Dragon Lake.  They searched and searched, but it was impossible. The dragon was hiding.

Suddenly, the astronomer had an idea. He used his telescope.  Finally, he found the dragon.

The brothers arrived at the dragon. The dragon was sleeping.  He was sleeping near the princess.

The hunter said, “The dragon is too near the princess. It’s too dangerous to use my rifle.”

“Ha ha! I am a talented thief. I will get the princess without problem,” said the thief.  Silently, he got the princess. The dragon continued to sleep.

Quickly, the princess and the thief returned to the boat. The happy princess said, “Thank you! ”

Suddenly, there was a ROOAARR! The dragon woke up.  He was very angry and breathed fire. The sails were in flames.

The hunter took out his rifle. BOOM! Immediately, he killed the dragon.
Finally, there was no danger from the dragon, but the sails were in flames!
The tailor had the solution.  Skillfully, he repaired the sails.

Finally, the boat was repaired!  The brothers and the princess returned to the king.

The king found his daughter and exclaimed “My darling!”  With joy, he said “thank you” to the four brothers.  As promised, the king said, “One brother can marry the princess…but only one brother.”

Then the brothers started to debate. “If it was not for my telescope, we would not have found the princess,” the astronomer said.
The thief said, “If I had not grabbed the princess, she would still be in her prison. ”
The hunter in his turn: “If it were not for my rifle, the dragon would have killed the princess and you. ”

Finally the tailor said: “If I had not repaired the sails, we would still be on the lake. ”
The brothers could not decide who would marry the princess. Finally, the brothers decided this debate was stupid.  The four good brothers asked for another payment: four large palaces.  The king gave them the palaces and a large fortune. The father and the four brothers lived together in wealth and happiness.