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Story Suggestions

Below, teachers can browse story suggestions from Dr. Beniko Mason to help them get started with their first stories using Story Listening. Please only choose stories from this list that inspire you. 

To get started, click on the title of the story and read the original story; this will help you tell a rich oral story. After the oral story, you can use the adapted texts on the right, for example by sending home the texts for optional pleasure reading. Tailor each story to your students’ abilities and interests.

The 100 First Stories
Stories suggestions by Beniko Mason to get started with Story-Listening

Original text Simplified Adaptations
The Three Spinners
The Three Snake-Leaves
The White Snake
The Riddle
Mother Hulda
The Seven Ravens
The Devil With the Three Golden
The Girl Without Hands
The Three Languages
The Elves / The Elves and the Shoemaker
The Robber Bridegroom  – Beginner
Godfather Death
Fitcher’s Bird
The Almond Tree
Old Sultan
The Six Swans
Fundevogel (Bird-foundling)
Rumpelstiltsken – Intermediate
The Golden Bird
Frederick and Catherine
The Queen Bee
All-kinds-of-fur (Allerleirauh)
The Twelve Huntsmen
Clever Grethel
The Old Man and His Grandson
Gambling Hansel
The Gold-Children
The Gnome
The King of the Golden Mountain
The Raven
The Spirit in the Glass Bottle
The Devil’s Sooty Brother
Wise Folks
Stories about Snakes
The Shroud
The Cunning Little Taylor
The Three Apprentices
Donkey Cabbages
The Three Brothers
The Devil and His Grandmother
The Four Skillful Brothers
The White Bride and the Black
Simeli Mountain
Going A-traveling
The Donkey
The Ungrateful Son – Beginner
The Old Man Made Young Again
The Beam
The Old Beggar-Woman
The Shepherd Boy
Brides on Their Trial
Odds and Ends
A Riddling Tale
Snow-White and Rose-Red
The Peasant in Heaven
The Hut in the Forest
Sharing Joy and Sorrow
The Owl
Death’s Messengers
The Poor Boy in the Grave
The True Bride – Intermediate High/Advanced
The Peasant and the Devil
The Crumbs on the Table
The Master-thief
The Drummer
The Grave-Mound
Old Rinkrank
Maid Maleen –Beginning
The Boots of Buffalo-Leather

Editor’s Picks

Stories from around the world recommended by our editors.

All Ages

The Snake Prince – a story from India – A princess must face the Snake Queen to save her new husband.

Lorelei – a German tale – A mermaid’s voice is distractingly beautiful.

Selekana and the River God – traditional story from Botswana – The River Goddess rewards a generous girl.

The Courageous Lady – a tale from Algeria – Only a wise old lady is courageous enough to defend a town under siege.

Jack and the Beanstalk – a British tale – A boy climbs a magic beanstalk and steals an ogre’s treasure.

Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow – a British tale – Robin Hood is on the run, so the Sheriff of Nottingham organizes a contest.

The Empty Pot – a tale from China – An honest boy impresses the Emperor and wins the throne.

The Enchanted Bird – a tale from Iraq – A good king cursed by his brother, until he meets his true love.

Especially for younger students

Uncle Rabbit and Uncle Tiger – a fable from Venezuela – A rabbit outsmarts a hungry tiger.

The Little Frog – a tale from the United States – A little frog with a big mouth learns an important lesson.

Middle grades and up 

Bisclavret – traditional story from France – A man is betrayed, but his loyal friend helps free him from a terrible curse.

The Crystal Heart – a Vietnamese legend – A princess rejects a poor fisherman but soon regrets being so haughty.

The Moon Maiden – a Japanese tale – A couple is thrilled to adopt a magical moonchild, but one day they must give her up.

The Little Mermaid – a Danish tale – A mermaid wishes to go live amongst humans but ends up watching over them instead.

Les 100  premières histoires
Stories suggestions by Beniko Mason to get started with Story-Listening

Original textSimplified adaptations in bold

Le Roi-grenouilleIntermediate
Chat et souris associés – Beginner
L’enfant de MarieIntermediate
Le loup et les sept chevreaux  — Beginner
Les douze frèresIntermediate 
Frérot et sœurette  —Beginner
Raiponce Intermediate
Les trois fileuses  – Beginner
Les trois feuilles du serpent
Le serpent blancIntermediate
Hans le malin
Dame Hiver (Dame Holle) —Intermediate
Les sept corbeauxBeginner
Le petit Chaperon Rouge Beginner
Les musiciens de BrêmeBeginner
Les trois cheveux d’or du diableBeginner, Part , Part Intermediate
La jeune fille sans mains BeginnerIntermediate
Les trois langages
Les lutins ( & )
Le fiancé voleurBeginner
Dame TrudeBeginner
L’oiseau d’ourdi
Le conte du genévrierIntermediate
8 Le vieux Sultan Beginner
Les six frères cygnes
La belle au bois dormantBeginner
Dénichet – Intermediate
Le Roi BarbabecBeginner
Outroupistache (Nain Tracassin) — Beginner
Roland le Bien-aiméIntermediate
L’Oiseau d’or
Le Frédé et sa Chattelise (Fred et Kate) —Intermediate
La Pauvre Vieille MamanPre-beginner
La reine des abeilles  – Intermediate
L’oie d’orBeginner
Les Douze Chasseurs
Jorinde et JoringelBeginner
Margot-la-Malice — Beginner
8 Le Vieux Grand-Père et Son Petit-filsBeginner
8 Mort de Poulette –  Beginner
8 Le Jean Joueur
8 Les enfants d’or
Le Petit Gnôme
Le Roi de la Montagne d’OrBeginner
Le Corbeau
L’Intelligente Fille du paysan Intermediate
L’esprit dans la bouteille
Le Frère noirci du Diable
L’homme à la peau d’oursIntermediate
La douce bouillieBeginner
Les Gros Malins
Le Conte du crapaud
Le petit linceul
Le Malin Petit Tailleur
La lumière bleue Intermediate High/Advanced
L’Enfant difficile – Beginner
Les Trois Compères ouvriers
La Vieille dans la forêt — Intermediate
Les trois frères
Le diable et sa grand-mère
Les Quatre Frères habiles  – Intermediate
Le Mont Chauve
Partir en voyageBeginner
Le petit âneBeginner
Le fils ingrat
L’Enfant de Marie Intermediate
La Paille et la poutre du coqBeginner
La Vieille Mendiante
Le petit pâtre
Les étoiles – Beginner
Le Sou volé
Le choix d’une femme
Les petits nœudsIntermediate
Blanche-Rose et Rose-Rouge Intermediate
Le petit paysan au Ciel
La Maison forestière
Partager le meilleur et le pire
La chouetteBeginner
Les Messagers de la mort
8 Le Pauvre Gosse au tombeauBeginner
8 La Véritable Fiancée
8 Le paysan et le diable
Les miettes de pain sur la tableBeginner
Le maître-voleurIntermediate
Le Tambour
La tombeBeginner
Le Vieux Cricrac — Intermediate
La Boule de cristal
8 Demoiselle MélineBeginner
Les bottes en cuir de buffle
La Clef d’or – Beginner

Légendes de l’enfance
Saint Joseph dans la forêt
Nourriture céleste
Le banquet célesteBeginner 

Les choix de l’éditeur

Stories from around the world recommended by our editors.

All Ages

Sélékana et les bijoux – a tale from Botswana – A generous girl is rewarded for her selflessness.

La Femme Courageuse – a tale from Algeria – Only a wise old lady is courageous enough to defend a town under siege.

Especially for lower grades

Les vaches de Monsieur Lapin – a fable from Venezuela – A rabbit outsmarts a hungry tiger.

Intermediate grades and up 

Bisclavret – tradtional story from France – A man is betrayed, but his loyal friend helps free him from a terrible curse.


Les 100 primeras historias para Story Listening

Stories suggestions by Beniko Mason to get started with Story-Listening

Original textSimplified adaptations in bold

El Rey Rana o Enrique el FérreoPrincipiante
El gato y el ratón hacen vida en común
La hija de la Virgen María
El lobo y la siete cabritillas
Los doce hermanos
Los dos hermanitos
Las tres hilanderas
Las tres hojas de la serpiente
La serpiente blanca
El acertijo
Madre Nieve (Frau Holle) 
Los siete cuervos
Caperucita RojaPrincipiante – (Also available as a Graded Reader)
Los músicos de Brema (Available as a Graded Reader)
Los tres pelos de oro del diablo
La doncella sin manosPrincipiante
Las tres lenguas
Los duendecillos
La novia del bandolero
La Muerte Madrina
El pájaro del brujo
El enebro
El viejo SultánPrincipiante
Los seis cisnes
La Bella DurmientePrincipiante
El rey Pico de Tordo
El Enano Saltarín (Rumpelstiltskin)
El amadísimo Rolando
El pájaro de oro
Federico y Catalinita
La reina de las abejas
La oca de oro
Bestia peluda
Los doce cazadores
Yorinda y Yoringuel – Principiante
La pícara cocinera – Principiante
El abuelo y el nieto
La muerte de la gallinita – Principiante
El jugador
Los niños de oro
El gnomo
El rey de la montaña de oro
El cuervo
La campesina prudente
El espíritu embotellado
El mugriento hermano del diablo
Piel de Oso
Gachas dulces
Gente lista
Cuentos del sapo
La camisita del muerto
El sastrecillo listo
La lámpara azul
Los tres operarios
La lechuga prodigiosa
La vieja del bosque
Los tres hermanos
El diablo y su abuela
Los cuatro hermanos ingeniosos
La novia blanca y la novia negra
Monte Simeli
Inconvenientes de correr mundo
El burro – Principiante
El hijo ingrato – Principiante
El hombrecillo rejuvenecido
La viga
La vieja pordiosera
El zagalillo
El dinero llovido del cielo
Los ochavos robados
Elección de novia
Una muchacha hacendosa
Un cuento enigmático
Blancanieve y Rojaflor
El pobre campesino, en el cielo
La casa del bosque
Hay que compartir las penas y las alegrías
El búho – Principiante
Los mensajeros de la muerte
El pobre niño en la tumba
La novia verdadera
El labrador y el diablo
Las migajas en la mesa
El rey de los ladrones
El tambor
La tumba
El viejo Rinkrank
La bola de cristal
La doncella Maleen
La bota de piel de búfalo
La llave de oro



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