Facebook Professional Learning

Story Listening for Language Acquisition

Focused discussion of Story Listening as demonstrated and explained by Dr. Beniko Mason. 

Ask a Scholar : Facebook Live Chats

Live Facebook events scheduled throughout the year to bring scholars and teachers together for free and convenient professional learning opportunities.  Each event will address a focused topic and feature experienced scholars in the field of language acquisition. Please follow our Facebook Group to find upcoming events. 

Professional Learning Norms

Thank you for joining us for professional learning.  Please take a moment to read the following. 

  • Questioning ideas is fine, but do not challenge or attack others. 
    Use respectful, professional language. 
  • During Ask-A-Scholar Chats, please allow guest speakers priority in
    responding to questions.  
  • Please share ideas or ask questions that contribute to the discussion;
    avoid off-topic discussion.
  • Be careful to “share the floor.” 
  • Do not share ideas or works that are copyrighted.  
  • Do not make comments intended to advertise or sell products.

Legal Considerations

  • The Stories First Foundation is not responsible for the opinions and information posted
    on the Facebook group by others.  
  • To protect intellectual property, do not share unauthorized, copyrighted works. 
    Please do not disclose elsewhere the intellectual property shared by scholars or professionals in the Facebook group without their written consent.
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