Story Listening

Reading for enjoyment is the source of most of our literate competence.

Stephen Krashen

The Power of Reading

Kids not only need to read a lot but they need lots of books they can read right at their fingertips.

Richard Allington

What Really Matters With Struggling Readers

Students must listen to stories with their eyes, their ears, and their hearts. 

Beniko Mason

So how do we educate the heart? There are really only two ways: life experience and stories about life experience.

Jim Trelease

The Read Aloud Handbook

Pleasure Reading

New Resources

What is Story Listening?

Highlights from an Ask a Scholar Q&A with Beniko Mason.  Dr. Mason clarifies questions about the basics of this simple approach. 

The Toolkit

Stephen Krashen and Beniko Mason created a concise list of ways to target unknown structures to make messages comprehensible.  Discover the theory as well as practical how-tos for using the toolkit.